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Don’t Let Your Yard Become A Hazard Zone: Trust Our Tree Removal Experts

tree removal experts el cajon

Allow us to paint you a picture: A lush green lawn surrounded by a gorgeous wood fence lined with towering trees. Maybe there’s a pool, or a pond, and a patio with a BBQ.


It sounds perfect. It’s an idealized vision. We all dream of this type of backyard–a site to behold that mixes the serenity of the suburbs and the majesty of nature.


Undoubtedly, the natural elements of your front or backyard make you feel more connected to the world. They’re also aesthetically pleasing–giving you something to look at with admiration. Also, beautiful foliage in a yard can make you smile with a single glance.


Plus, well-manicured natural elements in your yard will drive up property values.


At the same time, nature can be cruel. More to the point, it can be hazardous. It can also be unsightly–diminishing your property value. Moreover, natural elements can cause damage and lead to significant repair costs.


For instance, there sometimes comes a point where trees are no longer the awe-inspiring sight to behold that they can (or should) be. More specifically, they can be a nuisance and a safety concern. In these cases, hiring a tree removal company will alleviate the burdens this issue causes.


Read on as we explore the benefits of tree removal and why it can be so crucial for your property.

When Is It Necessary To Hire A Tree Removal Company?

We love trees at Tree Of Righteousness. There’s a reason we’re named what we’re named.


To the above point, while we’re–in part–a tree removal company, we also trim and prune trees. We want backyards–and the trees within them–to look their best. We aim to enhance our clients’ yards and ensure their property is safe and not at risk of costly damage.


Often, protecting yourself and your family–and your property–and improving your yard means investing in tree removal.


As for the specifics–plenty of reasons exist to hire a tree removal company like Tree Of Righteousness. Here are some examples:


  • Dead or dying trees attract pests and insects that can harm your property. Unhealthy and dead trees are continual sources of bug infestations that damage the tree even worse, making afflicted trees hazardous and unstable.


  • Rabbits, voles, porcupines, and squirrels may have damaged and killed your trees by feeding on tree nuts/fruits, roots, root bark, newly developed leaves, leaf buds, inner tree trunk bark, branches, and small tender twigs.


  • Your trees might have been damaged during a storm, leaving them teetering precariously–ready to break and collapse when hit with a stiff breeze.


  • Overgrown trees with hanging branches aren’t necessarily dangerous when the weather is mild. However, large, overhanging branches put your property and safety at significant risk during bouts of severe wind. When the weather takes a turn, heavily-laden branches can damage your home’s windows, roof, and siding. In fact, a large enough tree can pose a threat to your neighbor’s home.


  • Extensive roots don’t pose a threat when your property’s surfaces are impervious. These intertwining roots will typically redirect up, over, or laterally. That said, any breach or crack in the sidewalk or foundation can lead to penetration by extensive roots, causing significant damage.


While trees are a gift from nature, you can see the problems they might pose in unfavorable circumstances.

Why Is It So Important To Protect Your Property By Hiring A Tree Company?

The median listing home price in San Diego is $1 million. Furthermore, San Diego’s cost of living is 3% higher than the state average. It’s also 44% higher than the US average.


Housing, in general, is 123% more expensive in San Diego than the national average. On top of that, utilities are about 13% pricier than the rest of the country.


Imagine throwing a substantial repair bill (due to an overgrown or falling tree) on top of your already-massive list of financial responsibilities. Repairing siding, roofing, windows, sidewalks, foundation, etc., is a costly undertaking. These are legitimate burdens.


Thus, it’s absolutely crucial to rid your property of these risks to neutralize the potential for repairs.


For one, the upfront cost of tree removal services would pale compared to hiring a contractor for significant repairs.  


Another reason to invest in tree removal is your pride in your property. Your home is your castle, and your yard adds something special and unique that sets your property apart. It’s a gathering spot for your friends and family and a place to enjoy the fresh air and scenery. Unsightly and unsafe trees disrupt the harmony that makes your yard so appealing.


Also, plainly put, you might just need tree removal because a tree is in the way.


You may wish to add a garden, pond, table, pool, or anything else in an awkwardly positioned tree’s place. It’s your yard, and you want it to reflect your vision.


Safety is another issue. As we said, your home is your castle–your protective fortress. Your safety should never be at risk while you’re on your property. You deserve the peace of mind of having all hazardous trees removed by a tree company.


It’s then worth asking: Why not handle the tree removal process alone? Why do you specifically need to hire a tree removal company to get the job done? Wouldn’t DIYing the project make more sense financially?


These are fair questions to ask, and we’ll answer them in the next section.

Why Should You Leave Tree Removal To The Pros?

Why Should You Leave Tree Removal To The Pros

We’ll first appeal to your need for relaxation. You work hard during the week. Also, you probably already do chores around the house, including yard work.


Now that we mention it, yard work can contribute to your relaxation.


For instance, mowing your lawn to some tunes on a gorgeous day has its pluses. Additionally, there’s something peaceful about working in your garden.


There’s a world of difference between standard yard work and tree removal.


All the serenity and peace of mind offered by simple chores in the fresh air goes out the window when DIY tree removal comes into play.


The tree removal process can be incredibly time-consuming when you aren’t an industry pro. It even takes experts multiple sessions to complete some tree removal projects.


You only have so much free time–why waste it on DIY tree removal? Your quality of life is bound to suffer.


Trees can be cumbersome, exceptionally heavy, and generally unwieldy. The tree removal process requires vast experience and the proper equipment–which you’d need to pay for and learn how to use.


These above factors leave you at risk of injury and your property at further risk of damage. When DIYing tree removal, you could get pinned down by the tree trunk or receive a huge gash. Improper positioning and angling could cause a falling tree to smash into your or your neighbor’s home or car.


DIY tree removal also leaves behind an enormous mess, meaning you’ll need to do even more work when all is said and done. Fallen leaves, sawdust, big chunks, and branches you’ll need to cut into pieces will require immediate attention. If not handled right away, the water drainage in your neighborhood can be damaged because of pieces getting stuck.

Be Sure About Who You Hire For Tree Removal.

Not all tree removal companies are created equal. Some are far less efficient than others. You can potentially pay for subpar services that don’t offer the desired return for your investment.


Expert tree removal is critical for your property; anything less than exceptional services won’t do.


Now, finding the best company can be challenging. You want the problem handled promptly; being too picky can cause delays. Your time crunch, mixed with inexperience in dealing with these needs, means hiring a subpar service provider who comes up short is a real possibility.


How can you know you’re hiring a reliable tree company that’ll get the job done right? How can you be sure you can count on a tree removal expert to ensure your property and those living on it are safe?


Our first suggestion is research. A tree removal company you can trust will already have an upstanding reputation conveyed across several online platforms.


A tree removal company that’s positively impacted its community with top-tier services will have a wealth of positive reviews and testimonials. Their customers will be thankful for their professionalism, dedication, and attention to detail, and that gratitude will be visible as you perform your market research.

Tree Of Righteousness: The Tree Removal Company You Can Trust.

The Tree Removal Company You Can Trust

The team at Tree Of Righteousness tailors our services to fit all of our customers’ needs and budgets, delivering exceptional services at affordable rates.


While we’re passionate about our work, we’re even more passionate about customer satisfaction. We work tirelessly to always exceed your expectations with conscientious, expertly performed services.


Do you require tree removal services on your property? Contact Tree Of Righteousness today for a quote!

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