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Professional Arborists

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The Benefits of Becoming a Certified Arborist

A certified arborist credential identifies a professional arborist who has completed three years full-time tree-care experience and passed an exam covering various facets of arboriculture. Those who obtain this credential are able to provide their clients with the highest level of expertise and professionalism. There are many benefits to becoming a Certified Arborist.

Among the most important advantages of becoming a Certified Arborist, it helps you establish your credibility in the industry and enhances your work. The certification also gives employers the assurance that you have the expertise to perform tree care jobs properly. This allows for smart hiring decisions by employers and career advancement for tree care workers. To apply for certification, follow the steps listed below.

Professional Arborists
Professional Arborists

To become a Certified Arborist, you must pass the ISA exam. It consists of 200 multiple-choice questions with four answers and is given over three and a half hours. The test is designed by industry experts and is continuously updated and revised. It also requires completion of 30 continuing education units and a recertification fee. The ISA has created a variety of study materials to help candidates study for the exam.

A certified arborist must be licensed to practice tree care and carry workers’ compensation insurance. If the tree service you choose does not hold the required insurance, you could be liable for on-the-job injuries and damages. A reputable company will have the appropriate insurance and licenses. Moreover, the company should be able to provide you with references and customer reviews. Its price should be transparent and its services should be clearly explained.

A certified arborist is essential if you want to protect your trees. Trees can add tremendous value to your property. Not only do they provide shade and cooling, but they also absorb carbon from the air and sequester it. However, they must also be maintained and looked after to ensure their longevity. An arborist can help you choose the best type of tree for your property.

A certified arborist is highly trained and experienced. A professional arborist will be able to properly assess the health and safety of your trees, recommend the best treatment options, and offer maintenance schedules and preventative measures. You can also hire a certified arborist for a wide range of other purposes. For example, an arborist can provide expert advice and provide a written report on the condition of your trees.

Hiring a certified arborist can help you avoid liability and increase the value of your property. A certified arborist is knowledgeable about the proper way to prune trees to ensure their proper form and structure. A poorly pruned tree can lead to irreparable damage. They can also provide you with a more cost-effective alternative to hiring a landscaping company.

While pruning trees may be an appealing option, it can also be dangerous. A certified arborist is equipped with the right tools and equipment to do the job safely and efficiently. A certified arborist also has adequate liability insurance. A certified arborist can also provide advice about the right time to remove a tree if needed.

ISA Certification is voluntary and measures a professional’s knowledge and competence in the field of arboriculture. Though it is not government-sponsored, the program is administered by the International Society of Arboriculture. It is a way for a professional to show commitment to the profession. In addition to providing expert advice and recommendations on tree care, certified arborists are also able to provide preventive maintenance, such as cabling for weak branches, and root aeration to improve root growth.

To become a Certified Arborist, you must pass an exam administered by the International Society of Arborists (ISA). You must score 76% or higher on the exam. If you fail the exam, you can apply for a reschedule for $50. Once your application has been approved, you will receive a confirmation email and a link to schedule a test. You have 90 days to complete the test.

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Arborist Chainsaw
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